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The UV disinfection lights have been used in hospitals for disinfecting medical devices and surgical rooms for a long time. We now brought this technology in the community in order to disinfect your homes, stores, and workspaces. We can help you disinfect your place and provide you and your employees/customers with an ease of mind when dealing with the new virus, COVID-19.
We decrease the chance of cross-contamination.
We provide you with a certificate of disinfection.

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Why UV-C Disinfection?

  • The only way of disinfecting airborne viruses like coronavirus.
  • UV- C Short wavelength irradiation destroys the microorganisms.
  • Disinfects coronavirus up to 99.9%.
  • Offers satisfaction and ease of mind.
  • Safe unlike bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.
Bay Area Disinfection
  • Offers a Certificate of Disinfection
  • Designed for the customers’ need
  • Regular calibration of intensity
  • Blind-spot check
  • Hardware maintenance
  • US vendor
  • Iso certified equipment
  • Labor-free work
  • Environmentally-friendly services
  • Ozone-Free UV-C